Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tea Pot or Tea Cup

A tea pot is a beautiful vessel that holds a very aromatic, steaming, hot, vibrant tea. This tea has been brewed to perfection. The tea pot contents are then poured into the tea cup which holds the tea. The tea cup is then given to your guest to enjoy and savor the flavor. It is your gift to them for their friendship. You may even offer a cookie or a pastry for them to enjoy with their tea. All these acts are given for a dear friend, one in whom you care very much. Let's say that your friend was very complimentary of your tea and cookies, but did not eat them. The tea sat there in the cup and got cold and lost its wonderful flavor. The cookies became stale and lost their crunch. Would they be good to eat at this point or would they have any value at this point? No. the only thing to do would be to throw the cookies in the trash and pour out the tea in the sink and wash the cup.

With this said, let me make a simple analogy of this event. God pours down rich blessings each and every day to each one of us and fills our hearts with His love and mercy. It is what we do with these blessings that decides whether we are a tea pot or a tea cup. If we in turn pour these blessings out for others to enjoy and gain wisdom and strength, we would be said to be the tea pot. If we just kept them inside and never did anything with them or shared them with anyone, then we would be said to be the tea cup.

If we are a tea pot which pours of its blessings to others,then God will continue to bless our lives and give us even richer blessings so that our heart is filled to the rim with His love and mercy. If we are the tea cup and don't pour out what God has given us, then we will keep our blessings to ourselves and enjoy them for a time, but then they would become cold and stale and loose their flavor and would not even be pleasing to us anymore. They certainly would not be good to share with anyone else because they have lost their savor and meaning.

The more we share what God has done for us, the more people we reach for His glory and the more lives we influence and help to know the wonderful blessings God has in store for them. It is this that helps others to understand the love of God and will help them come to a saving relationship with His son Jesus Christ.

So I ask You. Are you a Tea Pot or just a Tea Cup. Both are very lovely and look alike and belong to the same owner, but how useful are you in your witness to others about the loving care and mercy of God. Only your actions will show where your heart is and what you really want to accomplish with your witness to others.

Matthew 10:42 says, "And whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, assuradly, I say to you, he shall by no means lose his reward." This tells me that if we continue to pour out God's blessings to all, God will always reward us for our efforts and what we do will not return void in His sight.

TEA POT or TEA CUP! You decide.

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